Critics’ Choice: I Don’t Want to Play

Can You Blame Me?

I’ve noticed that when bad things happen — or when good things don’t, we instinctively look for who or what to blame. I have felt defensive on behalf of those who have been judged. Is that blaming the blamers? Blame seems as quick as a reflex. But, does it help? Maybe, sometimes, and maybe in […]

Word-Play: Cooking Up Joy

I’ve been reading a book on the craft of writing by James Scott Bell (a terrific writer who’s work I admire) – which suggested that each morning’s discipline might start with a word-play exercise of ‘free-writing’ (quick rambles with no editing allowed). For inspiration, the author shared a strategy, which I call ‘magic-dictionary’. He suggested […]

# 81 Kaleidoscope

Points of play - or - Points to ponder ?

Kaleidoscope … for me, the word calls up images of floating, ever-changing designs –- beautiful patterns and shifting brilliant colors. I love the way my view is shaped in the eye-piece of that small silver tube sitting on the corner of my desk. My vision shifts with every twist, or change in lighting as I […]

Encouraging Words

It’s been a time of distraction.  Family and friends’ medical and emotional issues, House-beautiful projects, financial planning, summer-time events – plus headline news of world concerns, and of political and natural disasters. All of these things have a way of claiming attention.  I still have a book to write.  I am still in progress and […]

79 Stretching The Limits

I just finished a chair workout involving a series of stretch movements. I’m hoping that working out this way, gently stretching muscles, that have spent too much time sitting in front of my computer, will help me avoid difficulty with our use-it-or-lose-it design. To avoid injury of bounce-torn tissue (stretched too cold – too fast […]

I Remember:

Clouds, Donuts, & Lessons of Love

I remember the dust, the heat and the rusty smell of an endless September afternoon. My face pressed against the old screen wire on the swinging door to the back porch. Dark green paint chipped off trim and onto the scuffed, swayed floorboards. I stared at the cracks in the floor and at the spots […]

10 Ways To Profit From Digital Solitaire:

Desktop Solitaire can be many things… a small pleasure, an innocent pastime, or self-entertainment. But this game can also be a thief of time, and productivity. Today, while struggling with procrastination, I had a burst of enlightenment – an ‘Aha!’ moment. I wondered… Can we profit from lessons with digital Solitaire?  I did. That little […]

Very Personally Yours

Very Personally Yours:  It sounds like the sign off on a letter addressed to friends and colleagues doesn’t it?  Well, I guess that’s a good analogy for this post.  I wanted to share thoughts from my heart with you, my reader friends.  So, here goes: This day began with a stretch, and a sleepy “Thank […]