# 75 Hanging-Out: Contact is Good For Your Health

Do you remember when social engagement was as easy as just ‘hanging out’ with friends – and was a preferred, prime-time activity? We can probably all recall good-time memories of those childhood, and teen-aged, social events. Some of us still engage in enough casual ‘hang-time’ to keep us connected, engaged, and happy. But withdrawal, so […]

# 72 The Sounds of Silence

How Can We Communicate When 'They' Are Not Talking ?

Silence: Joe sat in the gloom as twilight fell. Eyes focused on a blank wall, he studied the white paint as it dimmed in growing shadows. He sat for hours in silence, without television, radio, or conversation – hearing nothing but the echo of an empty house, with only the lonely, occasional barks of a […]

# 71 REACTIONS: May the force be with you.

Reactions:  Forces of nature define our environment and prescribe our actions. Newton’s third law of motion explains that ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ His explanation of factors like gravitational, electrical, and magnetic force – enables navigation and movement through our physical world. Applying this reference to emotional forces might do […]

#70 Play It By Ear – & – Listen By Heart

More than just listening or receiving messages – truly being heard requires attention, desire, and full, active participation. That seems a lot more like passion than simple, polite duty. And that’s what it takes to listen by heart. In his book (Nudge), Leonard Sweet described an interesting exercise.   Let’s try it: Circle the first four […]

# 68 Contact: Part 3

Sharing: With Whom, When, and Where?

Sharing our hopes, dreams, brainstorms, observations, light-hearted experience, and humor can be FUN. We are wired for connection. Our joys can, and do, seem to multiply when shared … and our troubles can indeed feel smaller when divided among friends. … But, how do we make real connections? Conversation (verbal, gestured, or written) is the […]

# 67 Contact: Part 2

Why Give Them Something To Talk About ?

Our volunteer stood silently, facing the class with a military stance: Attention! He avoided eye contact, and put his ‘poker face’ on. He waited. Sixty seconds later he breathed a sigh of relief, smiled, and sat down. I had asked students if it was possible for two people to be in sight of each other, […]

# 66 Social Connection: Vital For Health

Are You Getting Your Minimum Daily Requirement?

Contact! That’s what this article is all about. There is power in social connection. I recall students who entered my life-skills class carrying a lonely load of judgment, and doubt about their chances for recovery, and their prospects for the future. For some, lock-up in our forensic psychiatric hospital seemed to be a living enactment […]

# 65 Isolation: Blessing or Curse?

Your Vote Is Not Political

Isolation as a blessing or curse: Some things are easily defined – others, though no less real, are more difficult to view objectively. I read a story of a student’s response when asked to define ‘darkness’. He said the best way to really understand the ‘dark’ was to experience light – and then to know […]

# 64 Let’s Get Social

You’re Invited !  Join the adventure in the next category of discovery with our model of Bio-Psycho-SOCIAL-Spiritual Rehabilitation – for Depression and Anxiety. At heart – we know that we need each other. We are divinely designed to be social – to be connected with our God and with each other. What we may not […]