# 63 Christmas Wishes & Strategy

A Christmas Poem – Just for you: 14 Days before Christmas and all through the week, my brain has been whirling as fast as my feet. As I Try to get all of my special tasks done, To make a warm welcome for family to come.  And thinking, and thinking of all I should write; To you, my […]

#62 Blessings in Disguise ?

A Short-Story Peek - Behind the Scene …

Did you know that stress and anxiety can come in camouflage – and that if they successfully invade – without recognition, the door may be left ajar for other negative emotions to sneak in as well?   As told in this short story scene: The breath she hadn’t realized she was holding, escaped in a long […]

# 61 The Art of Imperfection

This week, Thanksgiving tables were set for celebration. Some displayed sparkling stemware, fine porcelain, and silver cutlery. Ideally, those fine porcelain pieces held offerings of culinary art – shared with love and with gratitude. The beautiful settings may have enriched your feast. Did you know that common pottery and fine Porcelain are all made from […]

# 59 Seasons of Depression – vs – Global Anxiety:

What can we do about it?

Emotions run high at this time of year. So we’ve been told, thousands of times. We know it, because we feel it – the good, the bad, and often confusing emotions. Holidays roll around every year – but this year we seem especially anxious, on edge, and we may feel the threat of depression. Have […]

# 57 Go Plans: Vacation – vs – Emergency

We don’t need a vivid imagination to understand the difference between making plans for vacation travel, or for emergency evacuation. Obviously, we prepare for them in different ways. A vacation can be the stuff dreams are made of – and those dreams could take months or even years to come true. So, we have plenty […]

# 56 Emergency Preparedness: The ‘Storms of Life’

We often describe personal catastrophes, trials, and losses as the ‘storms of life’. There are similarities and truths we can draw from that analogy. For example: In October, 2016 – having just survived hurricane Matthew, we are sensitive to the aftermath of such destructive power. Let’s consider that event. It started with low level depression – […]

# 54 It’s About Time!

Time Travel is not just fuel for driving plots in science-fiction movies. It’s a hot topic of theoretical physics, and more. In fact, each of us have our own time machine – constructed of our awareness of the present – our memories of the past and our dreams of the future. Think about it: the […]

# 53 ACT Three: Beyond the Basics

The Struggle with ACT

As a single mom, she was used to working two or three jobs. While she thanked God she had this way to help pay the bills and feed the kids – moon-lighting as a short-order cook was difficult. “Oh Lord, I’m so tired. Why does everything have to be so hard? What did I do […]