Anti-Depression Exercise Rx.: No Pain – No Gain?

How To Bust That Myth and Find Your Sweet Spot

Crouching there, in the dark – shivers chased down my spine. ‘They’re so close. I can hear footsteps and whispers – but they must not find me’. In desperation, I ran to hide as fast as I could – out-running even my breath. Trying not to gasp, or make any sound at all, I clapped […]

Can Movement Lift Depression ?

Answers to Three Big Questions About Exercise and Mental Health

Beyond Chemistry … Can movement lift depression and relieve anxiety in other ways?  YES, and I’m glad you asked ! Exercise works on our bodies and brains, in several ways, to help us deal with the stress of ordinary, every-day living – and with the heavier burdens of depression and anxiety disorder. Both prescribed (medication), […]

Moving Mountains:

Is there hope in the valley of Depression?

We always have reason to hope.  We have choice and more power in our divine design than you might suspect. And we have CHEMISTRY – the vital flow that helps balance, regulate, expand, and repair the structure and operation of our brains’ neural networks – automatically – often without notice, within our divine design. New […]

‘Going With The Flow’

Must We Drift - Or Can We Change It ?

We are not doomed to drift.  Last week I wrote: ‘Movement generates changes in chemicals and growth factors that shift stress and depression, and may even help to reverse the process.’  A further look back – to post # 6 – presents the Sparks of brilliance and the chemical flow that moves us in the […]


Can we BREATHE New Life Into Mental Health ?

We can breathe new life into our own mental health ???  YES, we can, and with surprising effect ! There is an incredible beauty and elegance to the living works of art that we are designed to be – all of us, not just the ‘super-model’ few. Have you ever heard of someone being described […]

# 33 Moving on …

Can we 'choose' to move into Mental Health?

As surprising as it may seem, we do have some choice in the matter.  In previous chapters, we learned about  the basics of brain anatomy and operation. We explored  pathways, and discovered how messages travel through inner-space, over the millions of miles in our neural network. Our physical and mental health greatly depends upon efficient […]

# 32 Sugar and Spice, and Resource Advice

Potluck Anyone ?

When you think of a good potluck – what comes to mind? When I am invited to a potluck (especially at church), I have visions of banquet tables groaning with the weight of an amazing variety of delicious, home-cooked foods. Oh yes, and a separate table crowded with cakes and pies, and other delectable desserts. […]

# 31 Menu Stars: The Good Guys

How Do You Spell ‘relief’?

How do you spell relief?   That question introduced old commercials for an anti-acid tablet. We can ask it anew, with relief in mind for a different type of ‘heartburn’ – Depression and Anxiety. Obviously, depression is not digestive heartburn – but in a figurative (emotional rather than purely digestive) sense, that’s not a bad […]

# 30 Risky Business:

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Can we stand the heat?

Depression knocks us off balance. Our appetites, energy, memory, moods, motivation, senses (e.g., sound, sight, touch), sleep, thinking, and physical strengths can all slip into opposite levels of too much – or not enough. This isn’t news. What’s new is the growing understanding that it’s not all in our heads. Imbalances in the body show […]