# 15 Recruitment, Headhunters & Pirates, Oh My!

Neuroplasticity In Action

Have you ever heard the term ‘Head Hunter’ used as an informal name for an employment recruiter? They actively seek talented un-employed, or under-employed, staff to fill highly specialized, professional positions in business, technology and science. Pirates are those who seek to ‘steal’ talent from competitors to meet existing or increasing demands, with promises of […]

# 14 Backing Up – Act 2

Before the curtain goes up on Act 2 – let’s set the scene. Here are the script directions (thus far): Every time we learn something new – we form physical connections between brain cells. The new neural connections form between individual brain cells – and between multiple cells in patterns (routines, or ‘pathways’), because signal […]

# 13 Call for Back-Up

What's it all about ?

Call for back-up”. This is a familiar line from TV crime dramas we enjoy. It’s a sentiment we enjoy in other contexts too. If a friend says: “I’ve got your back”, those are beautiful and reassuring words.  We computer users absolutely cherish our back-up files. And I have Great News – we have ‘back-up’, right […]

# 12 Two Sides of The Story

There is a joke (I don’t know the origins) that says: “… Since the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body – then only left-handed people are in their right minds“. The joke is meant for laughs – but it serves to introduce our next serious topic – brain/body system […]

# 11 Traffic Control:

Where Are The Metering Lights ?

Our amazing brains work hard to make sense of our world and our experiences. With billions of neurons, and the input from billions more chemical connections – we are sending and receiving information from every part of our bodies, every minute of every day.  The amount of incoming data would overwhelm us if we had […]

# 10 The Journey: Are We There Yet ?

That question: “Are we there yet ?”  is oh, so familiar to those who have taken a lengthy trip by car – with young children.  We big kids sometimes need encouragement too.  The road may seem long – but the rewards (travel bonus points) of enhanced awareness, and ability to know and enjoy the territory, […]

# 9 Switch Hitting: Hallmark of an MVP

How does it work in Inner-space?

Life is much more than baseball – but the game does illustrate the value of flexibility in how we face whatever is pitched at us.  My last post described our fabulous levels of brain function (Levels 1, 2, and 3), and hinted at our ‘switching’ ability.  I promised to explain that operation – and I […]

#8 Is There Evidence of Divine Design ?

Yes… God's Fingerprints Show In His Works of Art

The neo-cortex is the outermost structure – or layer of the brain. This is the ‘grey matter’. Here our thinking interacts with the outside world, in ideas, learning, understanding, and behaviors. It processes information and signals that have been routed through deeper structures of the brain. We need to go deep. We seek nuggets of […]

# 7 Travel Advisory: Exploring Inner-Space

Are there risks we should understand about the fine workings of inner-space? The answer is yes. Some are related to development, some to illness or injury, and some to poor maintenance or neglect. Within potential risks, there are also opportunities for positive intervention.   We’ve learned the basic structure and operation of our electrical and […]