# 1 Questions About Mental Health ?

Believers aren't immune. Answers do exist.

You have depression or anxiety or some other mental health issue – and you’re a believer.  Now what? That’s not sarcasm. It’s a question from the heart – one we can explore so that you can come out from under the heavy cloud of hopelessness and helplessness that often seems to be part of it. […]

# 2 First Things First:

The One Thing You Must Do for Mental Health Recovery

We began with a question: You have major depression, anxiety or other illness, and you’re a believer – Now what ?   The FIRST thing you must do is to get rid of ‘judgment’… Period. Why ? Depression, Anxiety, or mental illnesses are not crimes or sins. Yes, at times sin (even crime) might be […]

# 3 – Can We Map Inner-Space ?

 YES – at least to some degree we can!  In the last post, I shared my itinerary for our journey with a list of topics we will cover. I’ve told you that more than a thousand clients have walked this path with me. We haven’t discovered everything – and we haven’t discovered anything that is […]

# 4 – The Power of Choice:

What Choice Do We Really have ?

No one chooses to feel bad – right?   RIGHT !    You’ll find no ‘blame’ here. Life is choice. Love is choice. Recovery depends, in large measure, on choice. We have free will, and our God said we must ‘choose’ the way we will go. But – What if we don’t know what choices to make– […]