10 Ways To Profit From Digital Solitaire:

Desktop Solitaire can be many things… a small pleasure, an innocent pastime, or self-entertainment. But this game can also be a thief of time, and productivity. Today, while struggling with procrastination, I had a burst of enlightenment – an ‘Aha!’ moment. I wondered… Can we profit from lessons with digital Solitaire?  I did. That little […]

Very Personally Yours

Very Personally Yours:  It sounds like the sign off on a letter addressed to friends and colleagues doesn’t it?  Well, I guess that’s a good analogy for this post.  I wanted to share thoughts from my heart with you, my reader friends.  So, here goes: This day began with a stretch, and a sleepy “Thank […]

Progress Report and Personal Notes

Dear Readers, It has been a season crowded with blessings and significant events for me. My vacation travels to Atlanta, GA; Washington DC; Ireland; and London were incredibly busy, heartwarming and treasured experiences. I finally met my Great Grand Daughter, one of the loves in my life, and celebrated much love and laughter with others. […]


Dear Readers, I will be attending a writers workshop and conference – and will not be posting regular content for two weeks. Please check back with me then. I hope to have some interesting things to share ! Blessings, Love and Laughter to you all, Marge

# 75 Hanging-Out: Contact is Good For Your Health

Do you remember when social engagement was as easy as just ‘hanging out’ with friends – and was a preferred, prime-time activity? We can probably all recall good-time memories of those childhood, and teen-aged, social events. Some of us still engage in enough casual ‘hang-time’ to keep us connected, engaged, and happy. But withdrawal, so […]

Post # 73 Reader’s Report: Getting There – From Here

We’ve come a long way together. Now I need a map-check. My goal is to write a user friendly, faith-based, self-help book for believers. I want it to bridge the gap between research science, and practical applications for coping with, and recovering from, Depression and Anxiety.   The research is important for understanding the reasoning […]

# 72 No Talking

How Can We Communicate When 'They' Are Not Talking ?

He sat in the gloom as twilight fell. Eyes focused on a blank wall, he studied the white paint as it dimmed in growing shadows. He sat for hours without television, radio, or conversation – hearing nothing but the sounds of an empty house, with only the lonely, occasional barks of a neighbor’s neglected dog […]

# 71 REACTIONS: May the force be with you.

Reactions:  Forces of nature define our environment and prescribe our actions. Newton’s third law of motion explains that ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ His explanation of factors like gravitational, electrical, and magnetic force – enables navigation and movement through our physical world. Applying this reference to emotional forces might do […]