10 Ways To Profit From Digital Solitaire:

Desktop Solitaire can be many things… a small pleasure, an innocent pastime, or self-entertainment. But this game can also be a thief of time, and productivity. Today, while struggling with procrastination, I had a burst of enlightenment – an ‘Aha!’ moment. I wondered… Can we profit from lessons with digital Solitaire?  I did. That little […]

Very Personally Yours

Very Personally Yours:  It sounds like the sign off on a letter addressed to friends and colleagues doesn’t it?  Well, I guess that’s a good analogy for this post.  I wanted to share thoughts from my heart with you, my reader friends.  So, here goes: This day began with a stretch, and a sleepy “Thank […]

Progress Report and Personal Notes

Dear Readers, It has been a season crowded with blessings and significant events for me. My vacation travels to Atlanta, GA; Washington DC; Ireland; and London were incredibly busy, heartwarming and treasured experiences. I finally met my Great Grand Daughter, one of the loves in my life, and celebrated much love and laughter with others. […]


Dear Readers, I will be attending a writers workshop and conference – and will not be posting regular content for two weeks. Please check back with me then. I hope to have some interesting things to share ! Blessings, Love and Laughter to you all, Marge

# 75 Hanging-Out: Contact is Good For Your Health

Do you remember when social engagement was as easy as just ‘hanging out’ with friends – and was a preferred, prime-time activity? We can probably all recall good-time memories of those childhood, and teen-aged, social events. Some of us still engage in enough casual ‘hang-time’ to keep us connected, engaged, and happy. But withdrawal, so […]

Post # 73 Reader’s Report: Getting There – From Here

We’ve come a long way together. Now I need a map-check. My goal is to write a user friendly, faith-based, self-help book for believers. I want it to bridge the gap between research science, and practical applications for coping with, and recovering from, Depression and Anxiety.   The research is important for understanding the reasoning […]

# 72 No Talking

How Can We Communicate When 'They' Are Not Talking ?

He sat in the gloom as twilight fell. Eyes focused on a blank wall, he studied the white paint as it dimmed in growing shadows. He sat for hours without television, radio, or conversation – hearing nothing but the sounds of an empty house, with only the lonely, occasional barks of a neighbor’s neglected dog […]